Area Rug Washing


Area rugs today are being made with different materials than back in your grandmother’s era. while some rugs are still the standard fibers wool, silk, and cotton. There are other rugs that use more exotic fibers ranging from animal hides, flokati, viscose, sisal, and even paper. The traditional cleaning by old-fashioned rug cleaning companies is not always the best.  Matching the appropriate cleaning method to the rug requires a more modern approach.

By using state of the art equipment and highly specialized knowledge we offer the most thorough cleaning ever or it’s a free guarantee on our area rug cleaning.


Our 11-Step Cleaning Process:


1. Inspection

We inspect your rug to determine the construction and then use the correct cleaning method

2. Dusting

We dust the rug using technology that removes the dry soil off your rug without damaging the fibers

3. Pretreating

We pretreat any spots the rug has

4. Cleaning Agent

We use a cleaning agent with the proper pH that’s safe for your rug’s fibers

5. Fibers

We clean the face fibers

6. Foundation

We clean the back of your rug

7. Disinfect

We apply a disinfectant

8. Rinse

We rinse your rug until all the soil is gone

9. Speed Dry

We speed dry your rug

10. Grooming

We groom the fibers to set the nap

11. Fabric Protectant

We apply a fabric protector

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