Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Renew the sheen of your hardwood floors and help return the glow without the trouble and expense of sanding and refinishing. We help keep your hardwood floors looking flawless and highly functional. We use commercial grade products and equipment to ensure superior durability while removing dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can damage hardwood floors. By trusting your hardwood floors to Atlantic Cleaners of NJ, you will benefit from an unbeatable clean and shine and supreme durability.

Atlantic Cleaners cleans your hardwood floor with a dust free process. This maintenance process is designed to help you avoid the dust storm that comes with sanding. This process will not restore areas that have been damaged from water or areas worn from loss of polyurethane or deep scratches. The products we utilize are specially formulated for heavy traffic on commercial and residential hardwood floors. They provide unmatched durability among all the environmentally friendly floor finishes.

Our 6 Step Hardwood Cleaning Process


1. Pre-Inspection

We first determine if the floor contains any wax, oily residue, or other contaminants which may affect the adhesion of a new finish. We also find out what method is needed.

2. Area Preparation

All movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning.

3. Dry Soil Removal

Our technicians thoroughly vacuum the entire area, to remove any loose debris, maximizing the results we obtain. Just like any cleaning process, dry soil removal is most important.

4. Cleaning

The cleaning process, depending on the service needed, includes wood safe cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment which PRODUCES NO DUST WHATSOEVER! Surface accumulations of common household pollutants such as food residues or pet oils are removed without abrading your floor to expose any bare wood.

5. Drying

Because our products are alcohol based, the floors dry very quickly allowing you to walk on your floors immediately.

6. Post-Inspection

Technicians will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving.

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