Oriental Rug Washing

We offer “The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, or It’s Free” guarantee on our Oriental Rug Cleaning. Rugs suffer the same exposure to abrasive soil, spills and pet accidents that carpeting does. However, most rugs are made of natural fibers, wool, and cotton, that absorb the liquid. And the construction is such that sand can pack down inside the backing. Many are handmade and valuable, with dyes that aren’t necessarily stable in water. All this means these rugs need to be handled with extra care, skill and appropriate technology to get them truly clean.

When cleaning specialty rugs, there is more on the line than a regular carpet. Persian, Oriental, Turkish, and silk rugs can have significant financial, personal, and historical value. We understand delicate fibers and dyes in specialty rugs are strong and vibrant. We realize the value of the rug and work our hardest to make sure the centerpiece of your room is clean and beautiful. Our treatment is proactive in preventing future wear and tear. By using high-end cleaning products, we can protect your specialty carpet from color fading, discoloration, browning, and more. Our process makes sure to gently clean your specialty carpet without damaging it.

The rug cleaning system we use includes dusting with compressed air and a proprietary tool that gently removes 80-90% of the soil. Submersion washing removes even the nastiest stuff that has been absorbed by the fibers. The end result is a rug that is so clean you could use it as a tablecloth. Imagine your Oriental rug having suffered all the indignities that came in on the soles of your shoes, now clean enough to put on your dining room table! The process is ideal for removing pet accidents.

If your rug is valuable, no other rug cleaning even comes close to Atlantic Cleaner’s rug washing service.


Our 16 Step Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning is done off-site. Atlantic Cleaners offer free pickup and drop off.

1. Inspection

We inspect for current or previous conditions of the rug that you might not be aware of.

2. Testing

We test for dye bleed problems.

3. Dye-Bleed Technology

We utilize state of the art proprietary dye-bleed-control techniques.

4. Dusting

We dust the rug using technology that actually lifts the dry soil off without damaging the fibers.

5. Submersion Clean Technology

We submersion clean using fresh, flowing water.

6. Massage

We massage the foundation to remove all the soil embedded in the weave.

7. Cleaning Agent

We use a cleaning agent with the proper pH that’s safe for natural fibers.

8. Nap

We agitate the nap.

9. Foundation

We agitate the foundation.

10. Disinfect

We apply a disinfectant.

11.  Bubble Bath

We give the rug a bubble bath, removing the dirty liquid that’s been absorbed by the fibers.

12. Washing

We wash it until all the soil is gone.

13. Speed Dry

We speed dry the rug.

14. Grooming

We groom it to set the nap.

15. Fabric Protectant

We apply a fabric protector.

16. Fringe

We clean the fringe.

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