Window Washing



At Atlantic Cleaners, we use Pole-Fed Pure Water Technology to clean your windows

• Safety: Water fed poles allow us to clean from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders

• Privacy: You will maintain total privacy with our pole fed system, as we can now clean from a distance, so there are no more faces peering in your windows, eliminating any embarrassing situations

• Cleaner Glass: Our water will leave windows spot-free as no residue is left behind so windows stay cleaner longer

• Problem Solver: Those hard-to-reach areas such as windows above ledges, dormers, skylights, extended flowerbeds or shrubbery near the house, the places ladders cannot go now can all be done with the pole fed system

Water naturally has minerals and other impurities in it. Pure Water is water that has been stripped of naturally occurring minerals and impurities. The process is known as deionization. What really makes our window cleaning process unique, is that deionization essentially turns water into a magnet for the dirt and grime—which is ideal for commercial and residential window washing.

When you clean a window or a countertop and it dries, those spots you see are the impurities or minerals in the water, However, when you wash something with Pure Water it picks up all the dirt, and then when you follow that by rinsing with Pure Water, that will leave your windows spot-free. And, by not using any detergents – there will not be any sticky residue left behind to attract dirt, so your windows stay cleaner longer.


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